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    Torn CCLs in 3 year old dog. Operation Best???

    OPERATION OR NOT?? My 2-year dog has been having difficulty sitting normally. She went for x-rays the other day and she was diagnosed with torn CCLs in both knees. The vet wants her to see a surgeon. I was told that IF she had an operation, her knees could only be repaired to around 75%/85%...
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    Fi Tracking Collar. Is it safe?

    @Dr. Beth @Dr. Christina @Dr. Jean @Dr. Jeff @Dr. Sara @Dr. Sue @Dr.Jody @Dr.Liza @Dr.Melissa @dr_ judy herman Anyone know of the Fi Dog Collar? Its safety? The Fi collar company does list safety info on their site: Is the Fi collar safe for my dog? Does it emit radiation? – Fi Help Center...
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