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    Cat boogies

    Dr Jeff, Baby Basil’s (Ba•zil, British 🌿) boogies are resurfacing. Hawaiian Pharms respiratory relief put her in great spots all last year, but I also am concerned about keeping her on it long term. The liquid Immuno is amazing at zapping right away but it’s other ingredients - fructose...
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    Cat food recommendations

    Dr Jeff, The kitts are finicky again with their meals lately. Could you tell me again your preferred kitty food? I introduced bone marrow yesterday but today not interested. Darwin’s raw chicken or turkey - not interested this week, unless sardines are added, but sometimes they can care less...
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    Omegas crucial for dogs?

    Hi. My friend is trying to make food for her dog herself from now on. She is stuck on wanting to incorporate cod oil. Medical Medium’s website suggests a salmon oil. In the pet show that dr Jeff is mentioned on, Anthony says he gives his dogs a little hemp seeds and also recommends flax or...
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    Dog cough at night

    Hello. Asking for a friend if ok. Her new rescued dog does a sort of cough, regurgitate and acid comes out. I suggested celery juice....but I wonder what this could be? Any thoughts would be appreciated 🙏🏻
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    Kitty tarter

    Hello. My 15 mo old came back from the vet recently for a regular checkup, and they say she has tarter on her teeth. Is this something I need to take care of? Or does nature handle it?
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    Hello! Why is it whenever my cats come back from the vet they are riddled with what seems to be white dandruff flakes all over their backs? It’s happened to all my cats I’ve owned. I used to think the vets were powdering them, but it’s something from them I think... Thanks! Christie
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    16 mo old kitty blister

    Hello. My Basil has had something forming on her nose the past few days. I noticed it the other day, on her right side of her nose where it meets the lip. It was beginning to raise out a bit (I kiss her nose all day so it was easy to notice). So I took her to the vet that same day. The vet said...
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    16 mo old cat biting at nails often

    Hello. My Basil has been gnawing at her nails and her other two sisters do not do this and it seems strange. A phone call with my vet said it’s not normal and could be an allergy. What do you guys think? She is otherwise healthy except for occasional boogie nose. Raw diet. Happy. Plays outside...
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    Itchy ears

    Hello I’m noticing that ever since I started letting the cats outside, supervised 30 minutes a day, they itch at their ears more than before now so I’m wondering if they are picking up mites or something like that. They do roll around on the patio. We try to power hose it as often as possible...
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    High glucose concern for cats

    Hello. I know that cats shouldn’t have too much sweet stuff and I often wonder if my cats are getting too much. One cat (1 yo litter of 3) was a pound heavier than her sisters pretty much all year long, but is stable now. They were all also on Liquid Immuno (fructose) and Hawaii Pharms...
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    Bee sting for kitty

    Hello. My cat chases wasps every time she gets outside (everyday). In the event of a sting, what is it that we do? Thanks! Christie
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    Concern for kitties playing outside

    Hi! I am letting my 1 yo triplets run through the grass outside but notice possum (and who knows what else) poops around. They did sniff at them briefly. I’m concerned about them picking up anything dangerous. Is this possible and any advice? I wipe the paws down when they come inside. thanks!
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    Cat coughing

    Hello. Kissy is coughing. This started only a few days ago, possibly a day before the fires here so I think it’s a coincidence. I’ve maybe seen her do it once in the morning, sometimes again at night. It is very concerning to me. What could this be? she played hard one evening recently for 5...
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    Overweight cat?

    Hello. I was watching yesterday’s empower hour Topic: weight, and how even 2 lbs is considered overweight for some cats. I wonder if my cat Punky is slightly overweight. She does go after the other cats food often. Punky has me a little concerned as her super fast breathing, sometimes panting...
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    Grey poop

    Hello. My three 11 mo kittens all have grey poop lately. Is this normal? They eat Darwin’s raw, 1/8 teaspoon sea meal, 1ml celery juice, 3 wild blueberries, b12 drop, occasional 3 drops wheat grass. I’ll attach a pic if it’s asked for. Thank you. Christie
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    Nutritional support for cats?

    Hello. For my 10 month old kittens, (when do we switch from calling them kittens, is it 12mo?) I feed them either raw chicken or turkey daily, and cooked salmon weekly, plus a few wild blueberries in their meal everyday and a sprinkle of kelp bits. What else could be a part of their everyday...
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    Kittens ideal weight

    Hello. My three 10 month old kittens weigh between 8.4 lbs and 9.2 lbs. I’ve somewhere heard they should weigh the number they turn each month. So they should weigh 10 lbs? Thank you! Christie
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    Celery Juice For Cats

    Hi. I’ve been giving 1 ml of celery juice to my kittens for 6 months by syringe. It’s going ok! I give gently in the side of the mouth slowly.A vet told me not to shoot anything in their throats as it could cause fluid in the lungs (pneumonia). Is this true? Thanks! ?
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    Cat favoring one side more while sitting

    Hello, My 10 month old kitty always sits with her weight on her left side while her right leg opens out whenever sitting. Is this something to be concerned about or to keep an eye on? Thanks!
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    Cat deteriorating - peeing vomiting endoscopy recommended?

    Hello. Ongoing issues with my cat Pepper. He’s diagnosed either IBD or lymphoma but can’t tell without a scope. At this point he is now peeing on things and it’s kind of where I draw the line esp because it was our bed last night. What are my options to determine what’s wrong with him and...
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