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  1. JulyS

    Dental surgery/fractures and extractions

    My almost 16 year old neutered male kitty needs a dental and I'm trying not to be worries. He has stage 2 kidney disease and maybe something weird with his heart (not a murmur, but something extra). He has extra teeth so despite being on a raw diet and occasionally getting chicken necks and...
  2. JulyS

    Female feline with a bad bladder infection

    My 15.5 year old little lady (domestic short-hair, indoor/outdoor spayed female) had a UTI for a couple weeks I think. I've been giving her d-mannose and vitamin C and I thought it was in check, as she wasn't having bathroom issues anymore. But she stopped eating and her BEAM was off so I took...
  3. JulyS

    Dog drooling/dripping saliva from closed mouth

    My four year old French bulldog has been dripping a puddle of saliva for the past few hours. I have checked his mouth and don't see anything abnormal. Any insights as to what I should look for or do? I did ice skate with him earlier, but I was careful and controlled. He tried to eat my skate...
  4. JulyS

    Dog vomits a lot

    My dog regurgitates his food a lot. It can happen when he is nervous, after he gets a treat, or projectile from sleep. It can happen five times in a day or night and then not happen for a few days. He usually wants to eat it right back up and often keeps it down so not sure it's an upset tummy...
  5. JulyS

    Flower essence questions

    I am about to order the vaccine flower essence as my dog is past due on rabies. As I look through I see many I want to try. I have a few questions. 1. Are there preferred brands? I am currently on the Jackson Galaxy/Spirit Essence website. 2. How many is too many? I've got a kitty with kidney...
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