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  1. LyndseyM

    Aural hematoma

    Hi @Dr. Jeff I know it has been awhile - we have been really going through some stuff this summer and Xander seemed to be doing well. We have been working with Dr. Harmon, which has been great, but I believe there are some obstacles to curing him pertaining to our home - another chat for...
  2. LyndseyM

    GSD still battling persistent yeast and ear infections

    My 2YO male GSD, Xander is reaching a breaking point. We got his results back from AnimalBiome. Fortunately no pathogenic bacteria, just poor diversity and low populations of anti-inflammatory microbes. Since I do a lot of GI health in my own practice, I worked him up to find suitable means...
  3. LyndseyM

    Exacerbations to yeasty ears in 2yo male GSD

    Happy (belated) holidays! I've written about my Xander before, but I can't locate the thread, here is some background. Xander is 2yo intact male GSD and is raw fed. Ear infections first started at 5 months old at first vet visit for rabies (January 2020), treated (unsuccessfully) with a round...
  4. LyndseyM

    Ripped Paw Pad 2YO GSD Male

    Hi! We noticed my guy lifting his rear right paw up, but still pretty active. Palpated the leg and performed passive range of motion without issue. Upon further inspection, we noticed part of one of his pads was ripped clear off. He is eating, drinking, pooping, peeing and otherwise normal...
  5. LyndseyM

    Runny Nose in 8-month old Pup

    Hi! It feels like one thing after the other in my house. Our 8-month old female GSD unspayed, unvaccinated, has some stringy discharge from her nose, I've attached a picture below (the outside of her nose is dirt, not crusties 😂 ) She's eating normally, active, and overall otherwise normal. Do...
  6. LyndseyM

    What to do About a Seizure in a 3yo female German Shepherd Dog

    Hi! My female, Brynn, experienced a seizure this evening. She was in the other room at which we suddenly heard knocking and banging, only to find her experiencing a tonic clonic episode. She has never had these before and it only seemed to last no more than 2 minutes. She was disoriented coming...
  7. LyndseyM

    Anorexia 6-month old puppy

    Hello! Background: March 2021, our 2 GSDs had a litter of 6 puppies whom we naturally reared; raw-fed starting at 3 weeks and onward, un-vaccinated and new families were strongly encouraged to continue to forego all except for rabies, and they are not to be altered until a minimum of...
  8. LyndseyM

    Dog Eye Discharge

    Hi! So my almost 2yo male GSD, Xander - ever the focus of my concerns :/ - started getting some slow green/yellow discharge from the inner canthus of his right eye yesterday. He occasionally (1x/week maybe?) has morning eye goop that is white or clear and it goes away when I wipe it. I noticed...
  9. LyndseyM

    Herniated Umbilicus Puppy

    My 13 week old puppy seems to have been the only one in her litter with one of these. My male - her sire - has one, too, that has never been problematic for him or has grown in size. However, I noticed that the puppy's seems to have gotten a little bigger. No issues eating, pooping and no...
  10. LyndseyM

    Vomitting Puppy

    Hey everybody - while it appears my 10.5-week old puppies have managed to transition to their new homes beautifully, it seems as though one has fallen sick as of today. According to her human, she tried a bully stick today (one that was not made in the USA) and also ate some garbage that had...
  11. LyndseyM

    Puppy pyoderma?

    My almost 10-week old litter of puppies is ready to go to their homes tomorrow; however, one of them has little pimples on her groin and some inguinal LAO. After some searching I deduced it was likely pyoderma, so I put some coconut oil on there, and while the pimples seem to have abated, she...
  12. LyndseyM

    Chronic yeast and ear infections

    Hi all! I have a 20-month old German Shepherd male, Xander. Since his rabies vax January 2020, he has battled chronic yeast and ear infections with incessant itching and occasional alopecia sequela. My female GSD had been previously prescribed Trazaderm for her one bout ear infection at 4 months...
  13. LyndseyM

    Holistic Vet in Fairfield County, CT

    Hi and thank you in advance! Any suggestions would be great - also, do you know if these particular vets are allowing owners in with their pets? This has been a huge deterrent to bringing my pets in for any concerns. Lyndsey
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