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  1. Dr. Jeff

    Blood in urine?

    Great! Now may be a wonderful time for you to start emotionally preparing yourself for Friday (and for the results (whatever they show)! One way to stay calm is to attend Laughter Yoga tonight and tomorrow (it's at 7pm PT every day). Ashook (who "teaches" part of the time) often does this...
  2. Dr. Jeff

    Where can someone get a second opinion of an xray

    If the radiographs (x-rays) are digital, then it's super easy! Just ask your vet to submit them to Idexx or Antech (whichever lab he uses). Sorry to disagree with social media, but I find abdominal radiographs to be more challenging to read than thoracic ones (there's way more in a belly...).
  3. Dr. Jeff

    Blood in urine?

    Ultrasound will show bladder wall thickness better (but also can be way more expensive).
  4. Dr. Jeff

    Blood in urine?

    Non-invasive (and low stress) diagnostics are always a good idea. Aside from the expense that is...
  5. Dr. Jeff

    Blood in urine?

    It looks 100% normal!! No blood in the urine which was extracted right from the bladder so it must be coming from her urethra and lower genitourinary tract (as expected for awhile after estrus).
  6. Dr. Jeff

    Blood in urine?

    Hi Christine- Yes! Thanks Ginny! I'm also super thankful for the healing ability of the body (when given good food and care to maintain a high BEAM). A thickened bladder wall is merely a sign of bladder inflammation and can not be determined without an ultrasound (which you found out that he...
  7. Dr. Jeff

    Doggie Dementia - Does your dog have signs?

    Thanks so much for sharing Missy! I hope that you're well.
  8. Dr. Jeff

    Swollen Prostate/cysts on testicle and joint pain. Has it all a connection?

    There is indeed a correlation between the size of a prostatic cyst and the chances of rupture. Ginny is correct that though castration will not eliminate the tendency for Balder to develop further prostate cysts, and even cancer. In fact, there's evidence that castration increases the chance...
  9. Dr. Jeff

    Yunan baiyo for pyometra

    Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing Christine! I haven't heard anything about this in the 17 years since this was published...
  10. Dr. Jeff

    Blood in urine?

    Exactly as you are currently doing Christine! Continue to be the great observer you are, report changes, schedule rechecks whenever you'd like to talk, and bring her right to the ER if her BEAM score suddenly drops below 5-6/10. Well, sort of. No it can't make this diagnosis but excess...
  11. Dr. Jeff

    Blood in urine?

    Do you want the extra diagnostic data Christine? If not, then perhaps just see if this persists as long as her BEAM is good and consider bringing a urine sample to your vet for complete analysis. Did you also happen to dose a remedy, or make any other changes,when you noticed this?
  12. Dr. Jeff

    Doggie Dementia - Does your dog have signs?

    Thanks for sharing the article Julie. All that info. and a lot more is in Francine's great book! I wonder what's being measured to assess that?
  13. Dr. Jeff

    Mitochondrial Energy, Diseases and Holistic Actions!

    Hi @everyone- I am super excited to announce the launching of a new series of studies which can help verify the energy-symptom signpost of the HA! Roadmap to Balance. https://www.holisticactions.com/forum/threads/a-roadmap-for-helping-pets-heal-naturally.43448/#post-53046 Thanks so much to an...
  14. Dr. Jeff

    A Roadmap for Helping Pets Heal Naturally

    Hi @everyone! Here's a few thoughts about the 8 signposts that guide us along the path (with the destination of a healthful balance and few dis-eases for pets). The first message talked about the fuel for this journey ("Vitamin V" or vitality/energy which is the main ingredient for the fuel)...
  15. Dr. Jeff

    Rescued our feral yesterday, she got fixed today & got 2 vaccinations. She has fleas, need advice please!!

    Aruna is 100% correct that the answer depends on the young kitty's vitality (which is usually pretty high in young pets and people). Not at all. The answer depends on whether you saw any abnormal symptoms associated with the first stressor. In general, the longer the recovery period between...
  16. Dr. Jeff

    Selenium supplementation for dogs

    Not recently. I agree with Ginny that a dog eating a meat-based diet with organ meats, is unlikely to be physiologically predisposed to cancer. Most plant-based diets for dogs (where the soil deficiency issue becomes more prevalent) are already supplemented with selenium. As with any food or...
  17. Dr. Jeff

    Swollen Prostate/cysts on testicle and joint pain. Has it all a connection?

    It's possible Lucas (the answer to most medical questions is that it depends on the individual). In general tho, arthritic pain is much more common.
  18. Dr. Jeff

    Bump that looks like a pimple

    Wow, Ive how fantastic that you've put the bump (an eruption in repertory speak) into context of Xia's bigger picture! You did the perfect holistic action (giving the Sil). Yes, "caveman medicine" (as described to me by @beccak ) may not be the best thing to do right now. Your concern may be...
  19. Dr. Jeff

    Senior Pitbull not eating, breathing heavily

    Sure! Individualization of Bundy's treatment based on an extensive evaluation and continual fine-tuning of his life force. However, you can activate very similar mechanisms just by doing more snuffling as your video shows him doing so well. Therapeutic Sniff Walks in nature are super helpful...
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