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Is the Food you Feed Helping or Hurting Your Pets?

Food has been used as a safe and effective medicine for thousands of years.

Living food is vital and gives our pets the nutrients and energy they need to survive, thrive, and heal. The freshest foods promote wellness and speed this healing. fresh and vital foods help healingProcessed pet foods have most of their vitality removed.

The high heat and pressure used during manufacturing destroys most of their living parts and healing properties. These de-vitalized foods then need these essential nutrients added back to them.

Dry and wet dead foods can predispose your pets to nutritional, allergic and autoimmune dis- eases. Even fatal poisoning from toxins in the ingredients.

Most of our pets love food and live to eat. They have to eat whatever we give them and rely on us to feed them well and deserve better than this.

Fresh, living (vital) food is ideal and what their bodies crave. If you feed kibble or canned foods try mixing in some fresh food with their next meal and see what gets eaten first.

Real food is known to help resolve diabetes and obesity, mouth and dental dis-eases, skin and ear problems, inflammatory bowel and heart dis-eases etc.

The freshness of the food we feed our companion animals directly influences length and quality of their lives.

Help your pets today. Feed Fresh Food.

Here is the food vitality scale. Where does your pet food fall on it?

Click on the image to download the food vitality scale.


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