Your Beloved Companion Animals Deserve the Best so Share Your Natural and Holistic Life With Them

  • You may intuitively feel that your pets’ bodies are able to heal without drugs and want to know science-based gentle, safe and effective ways to help them
  • You may want to understand more about fresh food feeding and exactly how it can improve your pets’ Vitality and ability to heal
  • You want to prevent and manage dis-eases and minimize toxins like those in vaccines

Let Us Support You On Your Journey To Holistic Life With Your Pet!

You Are Probably Here Because

  • You have a furry companion or two that you dearly love and want to provide her the best care possible
  • You might feel lost in the insane amount of information and just want to know – what is the right choice to make
  • You might have started questioning the corn in the pet food and routine medication that make your pet sick
  • And you want to finally change that – learn how to feed, treat and care holistically.

Let Us Support You On Your Journey To Holistic Life With Your Pet!

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You Can Go On A Solo Journey Through Our Resources…


Join Holistic Actions! Academy and become a member. Get access to holistic veterinarians, all courses, webinars, and become part of community.


Even if you aren’t a Holistic Actions! Academy – you can browse through hundreds of forum threads and read our member and faculty advice on different topics.


Research the library of articles written by Drs. Jeff, Christina, Sara and other faculty about various dis-eases and how to use your pets’ Vitality and Balance to prevent and manage them.


Sign up for the course or webinar on a specific topic and study on your own. The Holistic Essentials course offers a great foundation.

…Or Follow The Holistic Actions! Vitality and Balance Strategies Below:

1. Learn ways to be more empowered

Become Your Pet’s Advocate

  1. Learn what specific Holistic Actions! you can take for specific diseases (by reading through steps below, taking our courses, watching coaching webinars).
  2. Learn Holistic Actions! to take in case of emergencies.
  3. Learn ways you can help your pet yourself (by learning homeopathy, flower essences, Reiki, acupressure, etc.)

get support

  1. Join like-minded pet parents on the free Facebook Group or become a monthly member of the Holistic Actions! Academy and join others on forum and weekly live meetings.
  2.  Create a team of professionals that you trust starting with a local veterinarian who will support and listen to you, or find a holistic veterinarian who will help your Holistic Medical Decision Making.
  3. Keep learning – Join Holistic Actions! Academy for a full-on support and continual education (dive as deeply into healing for animals as your time and interest allow).

2. Start by having a good prevention strategy

Implement 5 Holistic Essentials Into Your Lives

You can prevent and manage dis-eases holistically. START TODAY by building and preserving your pet’s vitality with these 5 holistic essentials:

1.Think outside the box, keep an open mind and adopt a broader view of health
2. Become your pets’ medical advocate
3. Build vitality by feeding fresh food
4. Preserve vitality by avoiding unnecessary vaccinations and other toxins
5. Increase vitality further by optimizing physical and mental stimulation

Check out these blog articles on holistic essentials

3. Keep Your Mind Open and Think Holistically

Learn to use the Symptoms Which Are Clues To How Your Pets’ Bodies Are Functioning

  • Symptoms are your friends – they help you focus on your pet’s happiness and quality of life
  • BEAM helps you embrace and never fear symptoms no matter how scary they may seem
  • You can learn to use symptoms to fine-tune your pets’ happiness


Just like words in a sentence, symptoms are best understood in context. Symptom context helps you decide what to do and how your pet is responding to any treatments or lifestyle changes. For example, did that putrid-smelling yellow diarrhea on your rug occur after your pup had a vaccination? Or after you started a new batch of food?

By working in harmony with Mother Nature and harnessing the healing ability of the body, your dogs and cats can enjoy health and vitality into old age. Health care is a journey. Each animal has a different path. It is up to you to practice proactive prevention, observe carefully and treat mindfully.

use beam: behavior, energy, appetite, mood

There are 4 symptoms that are a direct reflection of vitality, balance, and quality of life. The homeopathic medical model allows us to understand and benefit from these symptom clues. These are the BEAM™ symptoms: Behavior, Energy, Appetite, Mood. They directly reflect your pet’s vitality and quality of life. They can also help you decide whether you need to contact your veterinarian immediately.

catch early: early warning signs

Every day your pet is giving you clues to her internal health. Monitoring and acting on them will help prevent and treat dis-ease. It’s simple and intuitive to do. The Early Warning Signs (EWS) of internal imbalance will help you decide whether your pet’s health and internal balance are as good as they can be. Here are a few of the signs:

  • Runny eyes
  • Skin or ear odor
  • Dry coat
  • Increasing itchiness
  • Hair Ball vomiting
  • Increasing burping or flatulence.

Check out these blog articles on symptoms

4. use The Holistic Medical Decision Making Protocol (HMDM)

HMDM™ helps you see all symptoms in the context of your pets’ lives as a whole so you can make great health care decisions. When you treat your whole pet, everything improves, not just the current symptoms. It’s only 3 Steps which anyone can learn and use. 



It may be to:

  • preserve life in an emergency
  • quickly resolve current symptoms
  • gradually improve overall vitality and balance, along with improving symptoms
  • have her perform better at agility
  • improve her trainability
  • prevent relapsing symptoms and future dis-eases



  • Learn the specific methods you can use safely at home to stimulate and support  your pets’ bodies while they heal
  • Learn how to observe and describe symptoms (this is your most important research).
  • Use symptom Context + Interpretation To Become Empowered (CIE) and take  control of your pet’s health
  • Learn how to select holistic veterinarians and other healers to be on your holistic team
  • Gather reliable information from Holistic Actions! Academy, your healing team, online, etc.



  • Use HMDM’s ASC method:
    • Avoid known triggers like specific foods, allergens, vaccines, toxins
    • Support your pet’s body with Holistic Essentials 3-5, massage, Reiki, flower essences, TLC, etc.
    • Cure the internal energetic imbalance with homeopathic medicines, chiropractic or acupuncture.

After any treatment or lifestyle change, reevaluate all current symptoms and overall well-being: Does your pet feel better overall in addition to the symptom improving? Or is a different treatment needed? Continue to reevaluate frequently until your pet is well in every way. If your pet is not getting better or improves then worsens, it’s often because the symptoms were not looked at in context.



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